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Original Factory Parts, Auxiliary Factory Parts, Which is Better? I'll Never Be Fooled Again


What are the categories of accessories?

Car accessories can be roughly divided into original parts, factory parts, brand parts, auxiliary parts, dismantling parts, refurbished parts of these six, we understand in turn.

It is best to understand the original parts, which are the parts used by 4S shops for maintenance. The price of this kind of parts is relatively high, but the quality is also relatively good. After all, it is the original parts of the original car, so it is more reliable.

The original part has the same quality as the original part, but there is no mark of the original part. Any 4S shop of any brand in the country does not produce its own accessories, but is centralized procurement. The accessories customized by upstream enterprises are then labeled with their own brand and called the original parts. Then these unlabeled parts are the original parts. Therefore, there is less relationship between the two. The price of the original factory parts is lower than that of the original factory parts, but it requires a special channel to have a quantity basis to buy them.

Brand parts are easy to understand. For example, Bosch, a company that sells spark plugs, timing belts, electric batteries and so on, is a supplier of parts with reliable quality. Some small repair shops or repair chains like to use such parts.

The auxiliary parts are generally produced in small workshops. The brothers have a few spare money and have a drink together. They think that they can make money by producing auto parts and each of them contributes some money to copy other's technology.

Disassembly parts and refurbished parts said, such as you bought a fit, feel a little ugly steel wheel hub, for an aluminum wheel hub, or some scrapped vehicles removed parts, this is likely to flow to the disassembly parts market, and some of the more rare models of disassembly parts for modified car friends favored. Refurbished parts are to refurbish some dismantled parts, which are almost the same as the auxiliary parts, and the quality is not guaranteed.

Personal opinion

How about a story about a horse race? Car repair also needs wisdom, pay attention to strategy, we need to specific problem specific analysis, first of all, if you do not understand the car, dismantling parts and refurbished parts do not go to contact, pass off.

Then according to the need to replace the priority of parts to decide, such as timing belt, transmission parts these technical requirements, directly to the 4s shop to replace brand parts, and there are people specializing in 4S shop more professional, not to say how good the personnel technology, but more professional tools, some small repair shops even a decent set of torque wrench.

For some unimportant parts, such as windshield wipers, fuses, light bulbs, air conditioning filters and so on, we can buy them on the Internet, find repair engineers to replace them, or we can go to general small repair shops to replace brand parts.

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